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Imagine being able to wake up and in a few short, effortless minutes turn back the hands of time on the face with a simple at-home procedure. This may sound like the stuff dreams are made out of, but thanks to advancements made in beauty technology, it is a pleasant reality. It is no secret that the natural appearance of the face and the health of the skin are the greatest beauty tools a woman can possess. All the cosmetics and jewelry in the world cannot cover up sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Of course there are many things which can be done to improve the skin such as exercise, hydration, healthy eating habits, and perhaps often over-looked, not smoking. These are tools that help prolong the natural tautness youthful skin is blessed with and vastly improve the success of many beautification methods. But what can be done for the woman who has reached a point where fruits and vegetables no longer keep her youthful looking?
Salons, spas, and various medical aesthetic clinics have been offering a process for a number of years which stimulates the skin back to its former youthful glory through the use of radio frequency micro-current. This painless procedure has dramatic effects and can turn back the clock in as little as one treatment. It often comes with a price tag that is unfortunately out of the average woman's budget since this process requires continuity, instead of a few sessions. As with most technology, this device has been refined and made smaller -- it no longer requires a machine the size of a person and which costs many thousands of dollars. Home radio frequency devices, include a compact machine which fits discreetly inside a handbag and can be easily transported anywhere, making it an ideal beauty tool. The best part is that the process takes only a few minutes each day, and if discretion is required, you can easily use it in privacy.
How It Works
This micro-current technology is a highly advanced electrical pulse which is administered directly onto treatment areas. It is painless and is often described as a "warm massage". This pulse stimulates the skin in a number of ways. First it imparts fresh oxygen which is helpful for facilitating blood flow and also helps to support the skin's natural regenerative processes in the production of collagen and elastin. Next it re-educates the muscles and nerves to become taut again and encourages them to remain in the tightened position. The device itself has a cylinder-like shape making it simple to grip, and the ability to heighten or lower the intensity of the pulse. It actually is a fool-proof beauty treatment that requires virtually no effort yet may provides amazing results. Continuous use at just a few minutes a day may appear to take a decade off the look of skin and leave you feeling like the best possible you!
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